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19 Sh’vat, 5777

Prince Handley
University of Excellence
President / Regent


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The Prophet Daniel was given a message by the Angel Gabriel that in the future the False Mashiach will command that the sacrifices and offerings in the Temple be stopped. This, of course, substantiates the fact that the Third Temple will be built. (Tanakh: Daniel 9:27)

The Shias in Iran―unkike Sunni Muslims―believe their Mahdi will appear when allah decrees it (not by causing worldwide destruction first―the Sunni belief―as an invitation). And, the Shia “Twelvers” believe the end time conflict will be delayed until the return of their Mahdi: the Twelfth Imam.

Since 3,000 years ago the Tabernacle of God was in Jerusalem―and knowing that Satan did NOT invent Islam until 1,700 years later (Psalm 76:2 תהילים)―the “power players” in Israel have a clean shot for the goal.

So … what is the goal? And, how diligently should Israel work toward it?




The goal for Israel is to move forward as the representative nation of G-d on Planet Earth … and to work in alignment with Holy Scripture (the Tanakh) so that MIRACLES and the blessing of G-d Almighty will superintend Israel’s progress, protection and position.

There are―at the same time―several “earth related” administrations that Israel has to align with Kingdom Theocracy while waiting for Mashiach. Some of these are as follows:

Economic Administration;

Geopolitical Development;

Technological Entrpreneurship; and

Longevity of Citizenry with Increased Population.

It is the purpose of this teaching to develop the first: Economic Administration.


To properly administer any sector of humanitarian concourse of the marketplace, an objective “real time” observation must be made of the resultant polar extremes of sector individuals versus global interactions. Plus, a projected futurist view of “what if” options. What will be the resultsthe effect of economic decisions―upon the government’s citizenry (in this case, Israelis) … and specific Global partners: extra-national entities.

Accoridng to the Prophets, in the final battle with the False Mashiach (the anti-christ) the LORD will provide a MIRACLE win. But before that time … RIGHT NOW … the enemy of Israel, Satan, does NOT want Israel controlling the Middle East: either militarily or economically. Like a woman who is carrying a child in her womb with a prophetic promise, Israel has to maintain and care for the life of the child before it is born as a nation in a day (see Tanakh: Isaiah 66:7-9). And so, to protect herself, Israel MUST maintain her place in destiny. Israel MUST take advantage of every relationship G-d provides for her advantage.

“All truth … and things to come” can include truth about relationships, economy, governments, geopolitics and entrepreneurship. Israel has three (3) great assets at this time based upon truth:

Israel’s Unique Relationship

Israel has a NEW friend: Donald J. Trump, President of the USA.

Israel’s Unique Calling

Israel―as long as it obeys the Scriptural mandates dictated by the LORD G-d―will have Divine Direction.

Israel’s Unique Door

Israel must―as my mother used to say―”Make hay while the sun shines!” How? By working in “lockstep” with the USA for the following:

Implore the USA to make Jerusalem the home of the USA Embassy.

Develop technological partnerships with the USA (both R&D and marketing). Israel will be helping the USA and President Trump will respond in other beneficence.

Make settlers PART of Israel with equal and just rights as Israelis should have.

Undo any Globalist ties (including UNESCO) that are NOT beneficial to Israel. God does NOT need help. See my report, G-d, Geopolitics and Gold dated March 1, 2016. As a matter of fact, G-d likes it when He gets the credit.


The fall of Babylon wil be synonymous with the fall of the Global Financial Sysytem. We know from archaeological findings (financial transcripts and recordations) that the ancient Babylonians (2,000 B.C.) invented mutual funds and mortgages.

Looking forward―via prophecy―the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) informs us that New Babylon’s merchants are globally connected and influential … before their demise. Revelation 18:23 tells us:

And the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery.” NASB


Consult my book, Babylon the Bitch: Enemy of Israel

for more detailed information on New Babylon.

To pave the way for the false Mashiach (anti-Christ) system of New Global Currency, citizens will be prepared―and want―anything to help them in the future. However, in the paragraph of time BEFORE―the interval before S-H-T-F―the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (The Great Tribulation), even Israel’s enemies will want to do business with her.

Israel is about to be BLESSED abundantly! And … the USA will be BLESSED for joining in her fight.


Do NOT look for a “Ten Region Confederacy” arising from the EU, but rather a “Ten Region Islamic Confederacy”the New Islamic Order (NIO)with its hub in Turkey.

New Babylon will likelly be a seaport city in Turkey. But why do we seemingly digress here … and WHY does Israel have to know this? Because Israel has to divest herself of any Global ties that will rob her of the blessings of Almighty G-d. Remember … G-d wants to receive the glory.

Economic crises are normally the result of either of TWO components:

Unstable or dishonest economies (AKA: governments); or,

Catalytic stimulus (a precipitator).

The final phase of globalism―the collapse of global commerce―will NOT be caused by either natural or catalytic forces. It will be the result―the effect―of the wrath of Almighty G-d. See The Revelation, Chapter 18.


Israel is at the orifice of her greatest opportunities BEFORE the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Tanakh: Jeremiah 30:4-7).

Historically, the worst global pandemics of the past killed off between 1/4th and 1/3rd of the population (between 25% and 33% of the world’s population). According to Fabius Maximus Research: “The 2nd generation after this present one will be only 40% as large as today’s. The 4th generation will be only 15% as large.”

In addition, we see that one-fourth (1/4th or 25%) of the global population is killed during Seal #4 in the The Revelation. Later, another one-third (33%) is killed leaving only 50% of the global population. (Revelation 9:14-18.)

Israel should be cognizant―and be forewarned―that occasional “populist” uprisings, such as in BREXIT and USA recent elections, are only “temporary blockades” to New Global Governance and Commerce.

Israel working with the USA while she can―and staying aloof from the UN and Global Economic Initiatives―can reap her greatest economic rewards since the days of King Solomon.



To help YOU in your prophetic service for Mashiach and Israel, here are great resources:


Prime Minister Netanyahu, it’s time to step up to the plate which G-d has prepared for YOU and for Israel. Work with―and request from―President Trump the items listed in Israel’s Unique Door listed above. Make hay while the sun shines!

Who knows whether you didn’t come into your
elect position precisely for such a time as this.

~ Tanakh: Esther 4:14 ~

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 12 minutes, 57 seconds


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If you are Jewish … and if you live in Israel … here are specific events to watch for.
Many of these events are “signs” pre-recorded in the Hebrew scriptures to alert you.

 1. To let you know HOW and by WHAT MEANS your enemies will deceive you; and,
2. To prepare you for the coming of Mashiach to Israel to establish His Kingdom.

 If you are NOT Jewish, and you do not live in Israel … then for sure study this info.

 Prophetic events for the decade 2014 thru 2013. Intel and info to help you prepare.



New developments of international law (United Nations) and world government in association with the International Criminal Court with possible warrants for the arrests of Israeli political and military leaders. (These also work concomitantly with pressure on Bibi Netanyahu to go along with West Bank concessions to Abbas and Palestinians: A ploy endorsed secretly by Obama and Kerry for the deadline of signing by April 29, 2014.)

The expansion of the global homosexual-lesbian agenda fulfilling the prophecy of Yeshua concerning conditions on Planet Earth before the appearing of Mashiach. (Brit Chadashah: “As it was in the days of Lot, so shall It be in the days of the appearing of the Son of Man.” (see Torah: Genesis Chapter 19)

Civil and military strife in the confines of the Euphrates River: Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. World War III will ultimately – in the future – emerge from this area (the 6th Trumpet of Revelation: Chapter 9, verses 13-21). One-third of the world’s population will be killed as a result of this war. This will NOT affect Israel now, but will in the future.

The loss of critical alliance of the USA and its leadership in helping Israel. Unless the political landscape changes drastically in the USA, Israel will be “hung out to dry.” There is a lack of majority of leaders in both major political parties with real “backbone” of leadership in the USA anymore. Only a MIRACLE from G-d can change the current political climate in the USA and cause her to again be a real supporter of Israel.

More control over the minds of youth in countries outside of – and opposed to – Israel. This is not just in the Palestinian camp where young people are taught to hate Jews. This is happening in Germany, USA, and other “Western” camp countries influential in Global Politics and ideology. Germany, the enabler of Naziism, hates home schooling. In the USA, the Obama administration wants to eliminate home schooling; to require all students to be in public overview so they can be taught “worldview” without religious contradiction: tolerance and political correctness. The political, psychological and sociological pressures on Israel and the Jewish People in 10 more years – if not less – will be exacerbated.1

EDITOR’S NOTE: The false messiah (anti-Messiah)2, like Hitler, knows he must control the minds of youth in order to accomplish global domination. His world view must be taught in public (government controlled) school systems globally. The government must control the school systems for the world dictator to rule without opposition: politically, financially (thru entitlements and purchased votes via unions), and ideologically.

Peace accord signed by April 29th. USA President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, are pushing for a Middle East peace agreement to be signed between Israel and the Palestinians by April 29th. This may or may not happen; however, if it does happen – and IF it is the Seven Year Covenant spoken of by Daniel the Prophet – , the Sixth Trumpet of Revelation may occur during the first three and one-half years after signing. WHY? The Sixth Trumpet marks the beginning of the Euphrates conflict (Revelation Chapter 9:14-15) which explodes into World War III with the one-third of the human population being killed. This will make a perfect backdrop for the anti-Christ to rise to power with his promise of world peace.

A future Seven Year Peace Accord is prophesied and definite! The peace accord designed by Obama-Kerry may or may not be the Seven Year Covenant which Daniel the Prophet (Tanakh: Daniel Chapter 9, verse 27) told us about. However, the New World Leader (false messiah, anti-messiah or anti-Christ) will probably rise to power as the result of the Euphrates conflict, and he will make a Seven Year Covenant (the one prophesied) between Israel and the Palestinians. We know that three and one-half years after a seven year peace treaty (covenant) is signed that the false messiah will go into the Jewish Temple and proclaim that he is god.

After the BIG – prophesied – Seven Year Covenant is signed, (may NOT be in 2014) there will be two (2) distinct periods of 42 months or three and one-half years. The Jews will be allowed to rebuild their Temple on the Temple Mount. In the middle of the seven years (at the end of the first half) the World Leader (the “Beast” or anti-Messiah) will order the Jews to stop the animal sacrifices and he will go into the Temple and commit an abomination (proclaim that he is God and/or Messiah). See Tanakh: Daniel 8:9-14, Daniel 9:27 and Brit Chadashah: Revelation 11:2, 13:5; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Be aware that in the midst (in between) the events I have described happening for the next decade (2014 thru 2013) the following events MAY also happen:

1. A Middle East war that will place Israel in control of the whole Middle East. A war between Israel and all of the Middle East MAY happen, not just bordering Arab states like Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Israel will “fly down upon the shoulder of the Philistines (the Palestinians) to the west”. In context Israel will strike against Egypt and Iraq (Assyria) and “plunder the people of the East.” Israel MAY control these nations, and evidently, their wealth as a result of the plundering. Lexicographically, the “people of the East” include the Arab nations of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and others.

Notice that most prophecy teachers will NOT cover this as it is NOT “general” enough to protect them if it does NOT take place. They may make a partial allusion to this conflict by reference to Psalm 83 with expanded hyperbole! You may study specifics about this conflict by clicking on the link in the paragraph above.

2. The Ezekiel 38 conflict. See what Ezekiel is saying to us TODAY. Russia, Turkey, Iran and other Middle East and North East African nations will form an alliance to attack Israel. This we know for sure. Realize that BEFORE the LORD wipes out the Magog Alliance on the hills of Israel (Ezekiel 38 and 39), there is an attack planned upon Israel by Iran. This is evident by Iranian posture and declarations, by Intel, and by present geopolitical climate. This attack is imminent.

3. An unexpected attack upon the USA or Israel by Asian / Eastern power(s). In the last days their will be a major military, political, and economic force that arises from the East. This could include present day Iraq, Syria, Eastern Turkey, the southern steppes of Russia (from the former USSR), Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, or North Korea. This force may be an amalgamation of national and cultural social interests flowing together for advancement, protection, control and power.

4. Cosmic “signs” that may appear. (NOTE: These are NOT what Yeshua was talking about in Matthew 24:29 when he was quoting Joel 2:31.)  Red blood moons and other signs associated with the Jewish feasts and holidays:

Passover, April 15, 2014
Feast of Tabernacles, October 8, 2014
Passover, April 4, 2015
Feast of Tabernacles, September 28, 2015

These four Red Blood Moons are known as “Tetrads” and have appeared in coordination with Jewish Feast Days of Passover and Tabernacles three (3) times in the last 500 years, so they may definitely be something to consider as signs dealing with Israel. Each of these three times were during times of persecution and / or attack on the Jews or Israel and MAY be future prophetic indicators.

1493-94 (After the Spanish Inquisition in 1492 under King Ferdinand in Spain.)
1949-50 (After Israel won the Arab – Israeli War of Independence in 1948.)
1967-68 (After the Six Day War won by Israel in 1967.)

POST NOTE: The April 15 “Red Blood Moon” mentioned above March 31, 2014, appeared as scheduled April 15, 2014. Here are several photos taken by people in different countries where it could be seen: PHOTOS OF BLOOD RED MOON APRIL 15, 2014. Check out, “Your Views of the Blood Moon” #22. 

5. Judgment upon Egypt with the Nile River drying up. Three places in the Tanakh (the Old Testament), the scriptures speak of the Nile River being dried up because of judgment from the LORD. This has NOT happened yet: Isaiah 19:5, Ezekiel 30:12, and Zechariah 10:11.

Equalization of the nations of the world with unequal wealth distribution. WhileMarxists and socialists like Obama propagate “wealth distribution,”9 the truth is that they (the ones who promote the concept) are on the “wealth gleaning”9 side of the equation. Fact: 83 members of Communist China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) are billionaires in terms of US Dollars.3Ask Barack and Michelle Obama what percentage of their income they gave to charity! The poorer and less educated populace in socialist dominated countries are coerced, propagandized or bought off in a tradeoff of “votes for handouts.”

The scriptures prophesy global equalization to facilitate One World Government. Just as Global (one-world) Religion and Global (one-world) Economic System are necessary for control of the populace, so is Global (one-world) Government. World domination is contingent upon the evolution or formation of a Global Elite sector: a small group of people … extremely wealthy9 and powerful … who control political and economic sectors. You can read about such control in Revelation Chapter 18, and notice there are 21 specific – literal – commodities listed. Study “Babylon, the Enemy of Israel, Exposed – Part 1” and “Babylon, the Enemy of Israel, Exposed – Part 2.

GFC4 – FSB5 – G-SIB6 – BIS7 – OPMF8 are synonyms for International cooperation for a Super Bank that controls ALL central banks. Talk about inflation? You haven’t seen anything yet! See Prince Handley’s prophecy of a Global Financial Collapse dated Tuesday, May 6, 2008. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 will pale in comparison to what you see happen next. This conglomeration will produce a windfall of “false money” – money that is stolen from the public – resulting in a cycle of endless and greater financial controls that will prepare the way for The Mark of the Beast: 666.

EDITOR’S NOTE: 1. A one-world currency is NOT necessary for the New Global Economy prophesied by the Holy Bible … only Global Financial Control. 2. Also, do NOT put long range trust in gold as it may be regulated in the future. Put your trust in the G-d of Israel. 3. Use your credit cards and enjoy them, but realize that each new innovation in card / credit technology is one more step closer to control that will be ultimately utilized by the Global System of The Beast.

Hyper inflation9 or stagflation will create economic havoc for most of the population. Recent gains in the stock market (Dow at 17,000) create a false sense of security among investors. As our money loses value due to government printing false money (increasing money supply or “quantitative easing”), prices go UP … and so do stocks! The stock market is NOT gaining value … our money is losing value! The economy is about to fall apart. The Federal Reserve Board knows this. The Fed is simply “propping up” the economy by “quantitative easing” and low interest rates. The new head of the Fed, Janet Yellen, is in complete agreement with the Obama strategy of injecting more than $3 Trillion Dollars of “stimulus funds” into the economy.

EDITOR’S NOTE:: While in graduate school I worked for the Federal Reserve Bank twice. There was NO privacy then, so don’t think there is now!

Technology and Super Science. Development of world’s fastest WiFi in Israel. Wilocity, located in Caesarea, Israel, is delivering the world’s first multi-gigabit wireless chipsets based on the new WiGig 60GHz and IEEE802.11ad standards for super high-speed downloads, docking, networking, and high definition video at over 10x today’s typical Wi-Fi transmission rates. Almost 25 times faster than the highest home internet speeds. You can download a two hour HD movie in just over two minutes, run 14 devices simultaneously, or download 10 songs in 1.5 seconds. The potential to propagate the Good News of Messiah and the Word of the LORD globally is exponentially increasing in these Last Days.

But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Tanakh: Daniel 12:4)


Ten national leaders – heads of governments – will arise during the same time period. These ten world leaders will receive power during the same time period as the coming World Leader (“The Beast”). The ten leaders will have “one mind” and will give their power and strength unto the false messiah, the anti-Christ (“The Beast”). These ten world leaders will have power on earth, but they are NOT from the earth.11 They are extra-terrestrial creatures. How do we know? Revelation 17:14 says, “These shall (at the very end of the last three and one-half years) make war with The Lamb.” The Lamb is Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus, the Messiah) who will come to deliver Israel at the Battle of Armageddon. No earthly king or leader could oppose the Messiah when he returns. Only stupid demonic beings of the “spirit” world who follow Satan would attempt such an act.

The ANSWER: Make sure you know the Messiah. Do NOT wait until the spirit of deception10prophesied in the Holy Bible overtakes you and you can no longer be saved. Pray this prayer:

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, please reveal to me if Yeshua (Jesus) is my Messiah. If so, I ask Him to take control of my life – to be my Lord . Please save me. Forgive my sins and help me to live for You … and take me to Heaven when I die. Amen!”

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence


 If you feel the LORD would like you to help Prince Handley
deliver the message of Good News to Israel and the world,




  1. Romeike vs. Holder.

  2. False messiah, anti-Messiah, the Beast: Tanakh: Daniel Chapter 9 (verse 27), Daniel Chapter 11 (verse 31), Daniel Chapter 12 (verse 11); and, Brit Chadashah: Matiyahu Chapter 24 (verse 15), Revelation Chapter 13 (verses 1 thru 10).

  3. The USA has only one billionaire in politics: Michael Bloomberg of New York.

  4. GFC. Global Financial Crisis with primary manifestation in 2008 (originated in 2007) and accelerated by corrupt government buyouts of failing institutions, especially in USA.

  5. FSB. Financial Stability Board created in 2008 by the G20 countries to regulate and control the international financial system.

  6. G-SIB. 29 Globally Systematically Important Banks. The biggest internationally connected banks to be favored and protected in time of economic crisis (even if embezzlement, corruption and mismanagement are the facilitators).

  7. BIS. Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. Acts as a SUPER bank for ALL individual country central banks.

  8. OPMF. Outright Permanent Money Finance. This will create giant, immoral, unethical money transfers and a greater disparity in wealth distribution. Money can be created out of nowhere (like USA present Fed policy of “quantitative easing”) and given to governments. This, of course, magnanimously decreases the value of your money. (More supply … less demand or value.)

  9. Inflation and wealth distribution with wealth gleaning on the top end. Economic disruption. The problem is NOT famine, but inflation and scarcity. Revelation 6:5-6.

  10. Spirit of deception prophesied in the Holy Bible. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11.

  11. Ten national leaders that arise during the Time of the End. The development of a hybrid species in the end times – through which the anti-Christ MAY derive his submissive leadership corecould well be the result of fallen spirit forces (demons) facilitating the same, rather than aliens from another planet.These fallen spirit forces (demons) may be from extra-dimensional time-space: not from other planets, but from a megaverse (outside our traditonal concept of space-time continuum). See “2014 Boolean Blog: Israel and the Four F’s of the Last Days,” by Prince Handley. (Scroll down to the section on “Fallen spirits.”)

Podcast time: 20 minutes, 58 seconds.

Copyright 2014 Prince Handley
All rights reserved


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Prince Handley
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The podcast is NOT over just because you hear music.
There are several music beds in this podcast.
It is NOT over until Mrs. Ahmadinejad sings!



At the first college I attended (out of eleven) I received my B.S.I.E. At the same time, I also received the annual “Most Worthless Senior” award. I won the award unanimously with the vote of ALL fraternities PLUS the independents; first time for a unanimous vote … evidently due to lack of competition commensurate with my experience!

But the Great Good News is that four years later, the Mashiach of Israel made me worthy when I was reading in my room at night the following from the prophet Isaiah:

Come now, and let us reason together, says the LORD, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” (Tanakh: Isaiah 1:18)

I shared this experience with you because when you are finished reading this BLOG you will probably wonder IF there is any hope left for Planet Earth. My friend, there is always hope left IF you know the Truth.

Here are some areas we will traverse in this and future BLOGS:

Largest Wealth Redistribution in History

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and Syrian Sisterhood

Purim 2012 – Bibi’s Major Decision: Defend or Deny

OWS – Occupy World Streets

Networking with the Opposite Sex in the End Times

Nephilim, UFO Abductions, and Neo-Eschatology (covered in future BLOG)

Energy: Bonding Element for the Kings of the East (covered in future BLOG)

Let me refer you to my Boolean Blog for 2011 and 2012: Trends, Times & Tribulation. In Summer, 2011, I predicted the following:

For the rest of this decade, technology will be the predominant driver, both as the underpinning and centroid of influence of: 1. The economy; 2. The eco-protective planet model with green friendly innovation and regulation; and, 3. Terrorism.

Concerning employment, the three (3) major “safe zones” in the Western world will be:
1. Healthcare; 2. Government (including the military and police forces); and, 3. Education.

The Boolean-centric model pictured in the blog was purposefully NOT shown as a peripheral symmetry circumscribing “Technology” because … as represented visually … the three driven modules are paradoxically both: 1. Supported AND dependent upon the driving force of technology; and, 2. Organically developed as an outgrowth “child” of Technology.


In the USA, the winner of the November 6, 2012, Presidential election will be the one who most effectively convinces the populace that he or she can tackle the three (3) sub-domains above (Economy, Green and Terrorism), while effectively guaranteeing the protection, intellectual privacy, and practice of the Technology sectors of public, political, and professional modules of society.

The Achilles Heel – unknown by frontrunners at this time – will prove to be “Cyberspace” and the “promise” by the winning contender to PROTECT and maintain the FREEDOM of use of the Cyberspace – viz-a-viz the Internet – for the following elements of USA society: citizenry, industry, education, healthcare and government; and, to protect these elements from outside, international world powers and institutions: viz., the UN, rogue nations, and intellectual pirates.


The contender for the USA Presidency who wins the election will also be the one who most convincingly promises to unwaveringly help and defend Israel. However, there is a CAVEAT: If that person later turns their back on Israel and does NOT keep their promise, the USA will suffer dire judgment. Also, that President will suffer manifest judgment from God.

Only recently, has their been another person who agrees with my “Achilles Heel” prediction concerning internet – cyberspace security freedom alert and its affect upon the 2012 Presidential Election, and that is Gerald Celente of The Trends Research Institute.

This Spring 2012 BLOG is actually an “insert” for my 2011-2012 Boolean Blog mentioned above. I say “insert” because the basic tenets of the 2011-2012 blog are as current as ever. This “insert” is additional information.


Largest Wealth Redistribution in History

The greatest tax increase ever – probably over 300 billion (that’s a “B”) – is about to be foisted on the American people by Barack Hussein Obama through cap and trade energy regulations. It will be the largest socialist redistribution of wealth in the history of the world brought about by emissions regulations. When Obama’s green jobs’ czar, Van Jones, was removed after the public found out he was an avowed Communist, Obama shifted gears in the background to bring the same objectives to pass.

For further study, I recommend you study New Global Currency at the University of Excellence website to learn more about Van Jones’ hidden agenda. Also, study USA: Past and Future. And, for specific information on HOW Obama wants to use global warming and energy regulations to take your money and redistribute it to other individuals … as well as other countries … read the book: The Greatest Hoax: How The Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood & Syrian Sisterhood

The Syrian dilemma is NOT really a dilemma. Syria is Iran’s KEY play against Israel, providing not only arms for Hizballah, but a strategic weapon depot for attack against Israel. Russia helps Syria to earn favor with Iran and oil largesse, plus Iran’s promise to hold back Islamic – Muslim terrorism inside Russian territory (which the Russians will find out is only temporary at some time in the future).

Thousands of people have been injured or killed by Syria’s leader Assad … way worse than the atrocities in Libya. However, instead of going into help the 1,000’s of injured people in Syria by direct attack on Damascus, the US President proffers humanitarian routes of escape IF Assad agrees. This “safe haven” plan of “humanitarian routes of aide and rescue” – while proposing to help the wounded – at the same time gives the murderer ruler, Assad, international immunity for his crimes. And it gives Obama some measure of accolades for a re-election campaign.

President Obama has back-pedaled out of helping Israel several times, while at the same time helping Iran gain time in the enrichment of uranium and building a potential nuclear arsenal. If you consistently study my BLOG – podcasts on Podcast Satellite: The Voice of Israel, you will see that since 2006 I have been warning Israel and its leaders NOT to depend on Obama, the UN, the EU, or NATO for help against Iran. Also, see what I said in August, 2008, about Obama, Syria, and Israel.

Binyamin Netanyahu is is in agreement with Saudi rulers in his disagreement to big power policies of the US for handling the Assad regime in Syria. Obama acts as though he is shocked by the Syrian ruler’s violence against his own people, but the US President will NOT initiate steps for his removal, while Moscow showers arms and intelligence on the Syrian despot to preserve him from his enemies. Obama is afraid to take steps against Syria slaughtering people (because of US election) while Russia showers them with arms and intel to gain favor with Iran and secure a footprint in the Middle East.


Purim 2012 – Bibi’s Major Decision: Defend or Deny

Israel and Bibi’s government, in particular, have been visited by US diplomats to the point of embarassment in recent days. One of Solomon’s proverbs says, “Withdraw your foot from your neighbor’s house; lest he grow weary of you, and so hate you.” (Proverb 25:17) The USA leaders – Obama in the forefront … NOT the American populace – are afraid of Israel attacking Iran. Excuses range from: 1. Iran will react with attacks on US overseas bases and personnel; 2. Obama may have to respond with war; and 3. This would mean another “back pedal” from Obama’s campaign promises in 2008. However, the REAL reason is threefold:

1. Obama is NOT the friend of Israel;
2. Obama is (from his background) pro-Islamic; and,
3. Obama does NOT want to jeopardize his chances of winning a re-election.

See my prophecy of June 18, 2009, concerning Obama and Israel: “Bibi, Baylon and ‘Bama: Land for Peace, Petra and Prophecy.” Netanyahu holds White House talks with Obama on March 5th 2012. Also, they will both speak, at separate times, to AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee on March 4th. Unless Netanyahu holds his cards tightly to his chest before laying down his royal flush, he is going to be tricked by the USA leader. A lot depends upon who speaks FIRST at AIPAC. However, even if Netanyahu speaks first – which gives Obama a chance to counter – he must defend Israel’s right to not only exist, but to defend herself.






Purim begins in the evening of Wednesday, March 7, 2012, and ends in the evening of Thursday, March 8, 2012. That is the 14th of the Hebrew month Adar. Purim in 2012 occurs in between the March 5th meeeting of Netanyahu and Obama … AND … the March 8th date selected by the FBI to shutdown Internet servers (still) infected with the notorious DNSChanger Trojan virus. As of the first of February the DNSChanger Trojan was still active on computers at half of Fortune 500 companies, as well as on PCs at 50 percent of federal government agencies. Although NOT probable, this shutdown could be critical – and dangerous – for BOTH the USA and Israel as it could affect … or be used concurrently with cyber hacking to deter or cause confusion among … military, first responder, and emergency communications.

Also, PRAY for protection for Israel during Purim. (For a full account of Purim, read the Book of Esther. You may also read Prince Handley’s study on Esther and Purim at: “Israel: Replacement Time in Leadership – Preparing for War with Iran.”

OWS – Occupy World Streets

No, we did not make a mistake. Occupy Wall Street has mutated. OWS has duplicated into larger, more frequent and geographically diverse demonstrations … and it is NOT going to slow down. It may even turn out – in the USA – to be a “feeder” for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 signed by President Obama. This Act went into effect on March 1st. It is the first time since the Civil War that the military can be used for law enforcement.

The Act includes provisions that would allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens without any recourse to legal interventions or civil rights if accused of a “belligerent act” or any terror-related offense. The term “belligerent act” could be a broad term, the interpretation of which would be highly subjective; also, the Act seems to be in direct opposition to the Bill of Rights. Several legislators are attempting to “clean up” the terminology and provisions of this Act. If not accomplished, it could be a milestone against free speech and right to assembly.

As for the worldwide implications of the mutating OWS movement, you may begin to see more chaos and rioting with severe injuries on both sides … especially when fueled by economic conditions. See the Specific Regional Prophecy (scroll down) by Prince Handley in 2009.


Networking with the Opposite Sex in the End Times

Open marriage and deviant sexual behavior are just one of the End Times signs that will increase. Check out Trumpet #6 at Revelation and End Times. Here are practices that will increase as time progresses:

Drugs (which can be an association with witchcraft)
Fornication and sexual immorality
Demon worship (some may be unknowingly committed)
Idol worship

However, we are NOT talking about networking for deviant sex in this section of the BLOG. We are talking about, Business, Networking and Sex. (You can read a sample chapter here.)

If you want to be more productive, make more money, and negotiate more successfully in the coming years, then you are going to have to learn HOW the other sex – other meaning “the opposite gender” – thinks. Over a four year period, 25,000 people participated in this study. Some of the key issues discovered are as follows:

1. Are transactional not relational
2. Network more often, but seem to be less satisfied with their results
3. Believe self-improvement comes from doing it on their own, not learning from others
4. Build credibility by stating their credentials, contacts and successes

1. Are all about the relationship not the transaction
2. Network less often, but network longer and are more satisfied with their results
3. Believe self-improvement comes from a variety of sources and doing it themselves is not one of them
4. Build credibility by getting to know another’s character, family and personal issues

Men and women see things differently when it comes to relationship building and communication in both the work – and non-work – environment. Learn to improve in every area of your life as things will become more competitive in the future.

“And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge.” (Brit Chadashah: 2 Peter 1:5)

I trust that this BLOG has given you something to think – and pray – about. What you may NOT have realized already is that the topics covered – plus those listed below which will be covered in future BLOGS – are KEY sectors for Boolean logic commonalities in relation to trends and issues. This is the purpose of the University of Excellence which you may read on the U of E Home Page. NOTE: We purposely omitted Entertainment and Style as not critical to the objectives of this presentation. Also, Economics, Green, and Technology are included in the 2011-2012 BLOG of which this blog is an “insert.” To be covered in the future are:

Nephilim, UFO Abductions, and Neo-Eschatology (covered in future BLOG)

Energy: Bonding Element for the Kings of the East (covered in future BLOG)

Remember … there is always hope IF you know the Truth.

Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence


Podcast time: 22 minutes, 1 second.

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