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This is Part 7 of seven (7), the final part in this series to help you understand the Biblical roots of the Passover.  Also, to help you understand WHY and HOW the Passover being celebrated today is different from that given to Moshe in the instructions by G-d in Torah:  Shemot / Exodus Chapter 12.  HOW did the changes come about and WHY? You will have a deeper understanding and love for your LORD after this study!

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One more thing you will find in every Jewish home at the Passover table is an EMPTY chair, some unleavened bread, and a cup of wine. But, no one uses the chair, touches the plate, or drinks from the wine. The question may be asked, “For whom is the chair, the plate, and the cup waiting?” The answer would be, “The chair, the plate, and the cup are waiting for Elijah, or the Coming One.” For every Jew is eagerly awaiting for Elijah that night, who is to announce and usher in the coming of the Messiah.  (Tanakh: Nevi’im / Malachi 4:5-6)

Just before the close of the Passover supper, which lasts until midnight, the oldest child arises from the table, goes to the door, and opens it for Elijah to make his entrance. There is a moment of expectancy, and the head of the house recites: “Thou G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Long have we waited for your promise. We beseech you now to send your anointed, whom You have promised, the Son of David. Have mercy upon your people Israel. Gather us according to your Word and we shall be Your people and You will delight in us as of old. Behold all things are ready and we wait.”

After a few minutes of waiting, the door is closed, and the head of the house recites: “How long, oh LORD, how long? Will Your anger not be turned away from Your people and will You have mercy and restore us to Your favor? Behold our suffering! We are scattered among the nations. They mock us, saying, ‘Where is your G-d? Where is the promise of His coming?’ We grow faint, yet we hope. Lord, our G-d, may it please You to gather Your people speedily, restore us to Your favor, at least next year may we celebrate this feast with you in Jerusalem, Your own habitation.”

It is a sad thing that many Jewish people should still be waiting, not knowing that Yeshua, their Messiah, has already come. The Jewish talmidim of Yeshua went out into all the world telling both their brethren and the goyim the Good News of salvation. Messiah came 2000 years ago as the true PASSOVER LAMB, to redeem us with His BLOOD.

I was asked to speak in Philadelphia, USA, by a friend named Abraham Mazer. One day a Jewish woman came to a meeting to hear what a Jewish believer had to say. It was Passover time and he told his people that Messiah had come and given His precious BLOOD for the salvation of both Jews and goyim. The woman left before the service was over, but a few days later the Jewish brother learned who the woman was and where she lived. He went to see her and told her that Yeshua was our Passover lamb, giving His life for the sins of the whole world as prophesied in the Tanakh.

The woman then told Jewish man that she had had such good son. Her son loved her so much and all he wanted was to make his poor mother happy. Her son had been out of work for a long time. When he was finally called to come to work at a department store, he did not have enough clothes to dress warmly for the job. It was winter and he took a cold; a few days later developed pneumonia and died. Tears were streaming down her face as she said to the Jewish believer, “Why didn’t you come before? My son would have believed, he was such a son!”

Many people are saying to you and to me, “Why didn’t you come before?!”